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ADU Construction

You may have come across the term accessory dwelling unit, but have no idea what it means. This is a secondary housing unit that is one the same lot as the primary house and is commonly referred to as an ADU. There is a structure that this takes and as such, you will need a contractor that understands the industry. We are the best builders in this region and we have been offering ADU design and construction Portland for more than three decades. We have a full understanding of what an accessory dwelling unit is and the form that it takes. We will work closely with our clients and provide clear concepts of what needs to be done.

ADUs are in different forms and styles and our specialists will be glad to provide a design that serves your specific needs. There a number of concepts that we can share with you and help you make an informed decision of the best house for you. In most cases, ADUs are in a similar design, however, they can be customized to suit your specific needs. This is a secondary living space on the same residential lot and as such, there will be no obligations to acquire another piece of land. This has become a unique category in the housing industry and we are pleased to offer our construction services to all the residents of Portland.

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Professional ADU Construction Solutions

There are a number of traits that ADUs have, which will distinguish them from other types of housing units. These are significantly smaller than the standard houses in the United States. These can be attached or detached from the main house and they need to have their own entrance. There are a number of regulations that are provided by the municipality and are conversant with all the regulations. With the various developments in this region, there are so many informal ADUs compared to the approved ones. We are your best bet when you are searching for contractors who can help you with all the construction aspects of the in-law apartment.

ADUs come with so many benefits, and with the current trend, these may be the best solutions for the housing challenges. You can have an ADU on your existing lot and as such, you will not be subjected to any additional tax obligations. If you have aging parents who you would not want to be in an assisted living facility, you can house them in the accessory dwelling unit. Our contractors will help you make critical decisions about your ADU. You can choose to have an attached if you are keen on saving the space on your residential lot.

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Get Your ADU Done the Right Way

There is a lot of information provided, highlighting the various benefits of the accessory dwelling units. In order to enjoy these benefits, you will need professional ADU construction Portland, which is what we offer. Contact us today and let us give you a free quote for the accessory dwelling unit.